Shared Experiences from our Happy & Healthy Members



AT – “Dan and his team helped my body break through a sensitivity barrier that no one else could break.”

"My experience with Holistic Wellness has been nothing short of miraculous. Dan and his team helped my body break through a sensitivity barrier that no one else could break. When I first came in to see Dan my body was rejecting everything. Literally everything. I was reacting to all vitamins, all foods, all toothpastes, shampoos, laundry detergents, and dust buildup. My body was on lock down. My diet consisted of six default foods that offered the smallest reaction: chicken, meat, fish, potatoes, white rice, and eggs. I was absorbing hardly any nutrients and I was house-bound and non-functional. 

This was my predicament two months after being bed-ridden for a half a year. Let’s back track eight months. I had to leave school in the middle of the semester, and I was in major discomfort, with extreme brain fog, dizziness, air hunger, tremors, and chronic fatigue. I couldn’t read for three months because my brain wasn’t processing visual input. I lay on the couch day in and day out, unable to do the simplest activities. At this point I was seeing a chronic illness doctor who helped me tremendously. He tested for a variety of uncommon tick born infections, and found that I had ‘babesia’, a coinfection of Lyme disease. He put me on medication for a few months and I was feeling much better. My brain started to come back to the point of reading more basic things, and I was under less and less discomfort. I assumed at the time, that my feeling better would correlate to the fading of my sensitivities. This was not the case. After a while, I was off the babesia medication, and the advice I received was to wait, eventually my body would reprogram itself to allow me to eat food again. But months went by with minimal improvement. My doctor suggested that I see a naturopath to help break through the wall of sensitivities. When I saw him, nothing he gave me worked. I reacted to smallest amount of the supplements he prescribed, as well as the special ‘desensitizing’ drops that were supposed to balance my body out. Again all I could do was wait. 

At this point, my sister suggested that I go to Holistic Wellness. She had been going herself and was impressed with the results. I was hesitant. I assumed that I would only be going for the energy work, because nutrition was (allegedly) off the menu for me, and I was already doing two other energy therapies at the time. Why should I drive an hour away? Why would this be any different? It took my acupuncturist going on vacation for a month, for me to finally decide to try Holistic Wellness. Ever since, I have not looked back. 

Initially, I told Dan that I could just do energy therapies, and that I was still in the hands of other doctors, taking other medications. He was fine with that, and gave me my first treatment of sound therapy. Over the next few days I felt the effects of that treatment five to ten times more than the other energy work I was doing. I was feeling better, just with that. After a few weeks of sound therapy, I was already hooked on Holistic Wellness, and I hadn’t even gotten to the ‘good stuff’. 

As weeks went by, all the plans of the other practitioners failed, and I was still unable to ingest anything without a reaction. I told Dan that if he thought he could get my body to accept nutrients, he could give it a shot. What did I have to lose? At the first nutritional treatment, Dan worked magic. He gave me a combination of a fraction of pill, and I didn’t react. I took that for a week and I felt my body thanking me each time I put it in my mouth. It was finally working. The next week he added a nutrient, and this was repeated again and again. Each week I went, I felt significantly better than I had the previous week. I was feeling like a person again. Not only that, I was starting to feel great! After two months of this, I am now back in a public environ­ment, fully functional from the morning to late at night. I have been able to start eating vegetables again, and I am taking Dan’s supplements. I still have ups and downs throughout the day, and I am by no means 100% yet, but every week I get so much better. Dan and his team have been messengers from God for me, and have changed my lifestyle, and more importantly, my life. I can’t find the words to thank them, and I will be sure to continue with Holistic Wellness on a weekly basis for the foreseeable future. My entire body feels different. I now have muscles I never thought I had, my spine feels stronger, my legs are thicker (I was stick thin!), I feel like a man now, not like the 70-year-old that I felt like for years (I am twenty-two). My entire body is healing and it feels unbelievable. I thank God every day for giving me Holistic Wellness. 


Joanne L. – “You will be listened to…”

“I would like to take a moment to express how blessed I am to have come across Holistic Wellness and how grateful I am to all who work there.  I have struggled with high cholesterol, borderline glucose levels, and obesity all my life.  Recently my blood pressure has been testing higher than usual as well.  I have done all types of diets and exercise plans to assist in these areas and have seen no results.  I have always sensed that my internal organs were just not speaking to each other but because my blood tests came back normal and the medical profession just wants to give me medication to deal with the issues at hand.  Unfortunately, that doesn't get to the root cause, and the medications all have worse side effects.  I was so exhausted repeating my symptoms to doctors over and over knowing that all they were doing was going by test results on a piece of paper and not hearing a word I was saying.  I purposed in my heart that no matter what the expense or how many people I had to see, this year was the year that I was going to find someone that would listen to me.  Someone willing to work with me in finding the root cause of my symptoms.  Well fortunately it did not take me too long. 

The second person I went to see was Dan Court at Holistic Wellness.  I went in for a consultation and I knew in my heart I hit the jackpot.  Without any hesitation I signed up for their 12-week program.  I have not missed one week and the only regret I have is that I did not find them sooner.   There are no words that justly describe Dan Court.  If you are looking for someone that is honest, sincere, a man of integrity, someone willing to listen, someone that will not judge, and someone that truly cares and wants to help heal people, then you are looking for Dan Court!  Might I add that I am not one to give out compliments freely unless they are truly deserved.  For the first time in probably 20-30 years, my scale readings are going down and not up, my energy level has increased, my mental clarity has improved, my thick and ugly toe nails are starting to look normal again and I no longer have to use saline every day to control my congestion.  I have not completed my initial twelve weeks yet but when I do I plan on continuing my sessions.   I am eating healthier, removing toxins and enjoying life again.  More importantly -- all this is happening without ingesting any medications that do more harm than good.  HWA has the complete package:


  • Everyone that works there is sincerely friendly and helpful

  • You will be listened too - not just “yes’d” to death and then they do what they want, nor will you get the look like you have four heads. 

  • Everything is thoroughly explained.  From understanding the process of how the treatment works to the supplements that you are being given and why.

  • Everyone is so encouraging - I always leave there feeling like I am walking on sunshine!

  • No products or suggestions are pushed on you.  They all are very respectful of people's limitations whether they be financial or just not ready to make certain changes.  They meet you where you are and work with you without judgment.

Janet, Nicole and Diana work with Dan and they too deserve to be mentioned.  They are three very caring and encouraging women.  Janet was my first contact with HWA when I called to find out some more about the program.  She was very informative and encouraging which gave me an ease to schedule an appointment.  I meet with Nicole every week after meeting with Dan to go over my food journal.  Again she too has been very encouraging.  When eliminating food that you are so used to eating it can be difficult and Nicole has been a great "cheerleader" for me and has kept me encouraged and honestly excited about trying new recipes.  Usually the first face I see every week is Diana's and there is always an excitement in her eyes when she looks up and greets you.  It's like walking into your best friend's house where you just feel comfortable and welcomed.  Dan is very fortune to have such a wonderful support team.  Why HWA? Because it works and it is not invasive, nor does it recommend pumping synthetic medications into your system causing other issues.  You will feel more alive than ever before.  What do you have to lose by going for a consultation?  What do you have to gain? -- Your life back!!”


Christine S. – “I haven't felt this ALIVE in years!”

 “Albert Einstein is attributed with saying "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." That was me for the last 20 years; seeing a dozen or so doctors and spending many thousands of dollars on specialists, tests and RX medications. Not only was I not getting better, I was getting worse with new issues cropping up each passing year. Making matters worse, nobody could tell me why I was sick or what was actually wrong with me. 

When I asked why my health was so poor some Drs. showed zero curiosity. Some told me my problems were in my head. If I did get a diagnosis I was told my best and only hope was managing/ suppressing symptoms with a lifetime of drugs. This didn't seem right to me. It was obvious to me that there was a reason I was sick so logically I thought there must be a way to correct it. When I took my leap with Holistic Wellness, I didn't know what to expect and I could never have expected what was to come. Even though I knew change wouldn't happen overnight, it was hard to believe how much better I felt from the very start. Like a veil was lifted, I felt increased energy, strength, mental clarity and a growing feeling of wellness. 


Dan is a truly gifted healer and I am so happy and grateful that I listened to my gut and had the good fortune of meeting him. The entire team at HWA is very supportive, caring and knowledgeable about true health.


Some of my health transformations:

* Pain and symptom-free from IBS and Leaky Gut

* Acne rosacea healed

* Large, stubborn eczema rash on leg healed

* Mental clarity and focus - no more brain fog

* Relief from carpel tunnel syndrome

* Relief from once or twice monthly sinus headaches lasting 1-2 days each

* Relief from chronic upper and lower backaches

* Relief from chronic fatigue – I am full of energy!

* Restful sleep – no more insomnia

* Improved mood – (negative people/ situations don't push my buttons)

* Improved circulation – no more freezing hands and feet

* Even my hair is thicker and healthier

I haven't felt this ALIVE in years! I will continue to tell family, friends and strangers about the amazing work you do.”


JS – “You just can’t put a price on what they have done for me and giving me my life back, better than it has ever been before!!!”

"For as long as I can remember I have struggled with fear and anxiety. For much of my past 35 years I used alcohol to subdue it.  For the last 10 years I was able to just push through the fear and anxiety and not use alcohol.  However, as work stress and pressure increased, the anxiety became unbearable. This led to other physical issues, inability to sleep, severe ringing in my ears, severe constant pain in my shoulder and arm and the drinking again was my only relief but it robbed me of my life.  Again I tried anxiety drugs that didn’t work and caused even worse side effects.  Then my wife heard a friend talking about HWA and being helped by the releasing of trapped emotions.  She knew it was the answer to her prayers and made an appointment.  After 8 months of suffering before coming to HWA, we saw improvements each week and by week 9, my life long issues from fear and anxiety were almost gone!! I can’t tell you how grateful we are for the staff at HWA. You just can’t put a price on what they have done for me and giving me my life back, better than it has ever been before. Thank You!!!


Shelby K. -- “I’ve had really great results really quickly!!”

"My aunt had been telling me about you guys for months and I watched how well my cousin did on your program, but I just put it off and put it off.   Finally, I got to the point where I got so sick I couldn’t eat and I was hospitalized. I had my first appointment here 3 days after I had gotten out of the hospital.  I had been unable to eat and had really bad stomach problems.  I was only on my supplements for a few days and now I can eat again. I have no pain now – I used to take Percocet for my stomach pains and now I don’t have to.  I’ve had really great results really quickly!!

Maryellen S. – “The following day after my Distance Healing Session … I felt fine”.

“The following day after my Distance Healing Session and starting the new program changes Dan recommended, I felt fine.  Dan is amazing!  I was really panicked to have the symptoms I had a day before embarking on this month long road trip.  I drove 1300 miles in two days, and never felt dizzy, off balance or had compromised vision. If I hadn't felt so horrible - out of respect for Dan's schedule, I would have never called for Distance Session. So glad that I did, because it would've escalated and even if it didn't, I would have been on edge during the trip not knowing if the symptoms would return and prevent me from finishing our family trip. Being the sole driver on a trip like this is a lot of pressure, but I left Tuesday morning, with peace of mind- knowing that I was back on track.  THANKS DAN!!!!!

PS: My mom and I brought a Nutribullet with us, so we can make our SP shakes during the trip. They really keep us going. It's a bit of a hassle, but so worth it when you see what the food choices are along the major highways. Fast food has taken over in most of the country. One of my sons went on a hunger strike for a day, because he wouldn't eat the crap that was available at a small town we drove through. See you when we get back!”


Melissa N. – “I have had the first allergy-free spring of my life.”

"I think it would be appropriate to start with a brief concise synopsis of what brought me to Holistic Wellness…

I had 3 major issues that consumed my life for the past ten years.  First, I suffered from allergies every fall and spring.  It was so debilitating.  I felt like a prisoner in my own house with the windows closed.  I went to numerous allergists who pumped me full of shots.  These shots never alleviated any of the symptoms.  My allergies were so bad that I would need antibiotics twice a year because the post-nasal drip turned into sinus infections, bronchitis, and sometimes pneumonia.    The doctors even wanted to operate on me to open up my nasal passages and cavity.  I knew there had to be a better way than prescribed daily medicines and surgery.

I have been seeing Dan Court at HWA since February, 2015 and I have had the first allergy-free spring of my life.  Even more amazing – this spring has been described as the Pollen Tsunami!  I have VERY little post-nasal drip and I can carry about my life normally.  Even my friends, family, and co-workers have commented on this noticeable difference. 

The second and third symptoms went hand in hand.  I would wake up at 2-3 every morning and not go back to sleep.  When I woke up my jaw would be so tight that it was painful to try and open my mouth.  My doctors prescribed a sleeping pill that never helped; I still woke up at the same times with the added feeling of being groggy.  My dentists tried to give me a mouth guard to wear at night.  The mouth guard cost a lot of money and did not help the tight jaw but rather protected my teeth. 

Since February I am happy to report that I am sleeping extremely well through the night and my jaw does not wake up with ANY tightness or soreness.  Honestly it is a miracle!  At one point I resigned myself to the fact that this is what my life would be like…HWA changed that! 

I look forward to the journey that HWA will bring me on to keep formulating that recipe for personal growth and health.  Thank you!”


Joe M. – “Thank you for giving me my life back!”

“I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere thanks to the HWA team for the work they do and how it has helped me.  I’ll start off by saying that I am a cancer survivor. I contracted the disease in late 2009 in my left tonsil. My tonsil was removed in February 2010, after which I underwent 3 rounds of chemotherapy and 33 doses of radiation over a 3-month span.  I started going to HWA about a year later in the spring of 2011. When I first went there I was still very sluggish and listless from the cancer treatments I had undergone a year before.  I needed about 10 to 12 hours sleep and had virtually no energy.  Prior to the cancer I was working out 4 times a week, but was still unable to work out when I met them in 2011.  Shortly after starting Distance Healing Sessions, I could see my energy level coming back. I started sleeping less and I actually had a little spring in my step! After about nine months I only need about 7 hours sleep, I’m back to working out, and I’m doing 55 minutes on my elliptical machine five times a week!!  I am now off all prescription medications except for one, which is truly amazing, since I was on about 8 different medications that all just seemed to cause more problems. Thank you Holistic Wellness for giving me my life back. All I can say is what you do is unconventional, but it really works!” 


Dawn R., Phoenix, AZ “My hormone issues disappeared!”

“I have been participating in long distance healing sessions with the Holistic Wellness program for the past year. I have been very pleased with the way I now feel physically well and how I continue to feel happier and lighter as I participate in the program. I especially appreciate how this uplifting, magical energy has had a positive impact on my effectiveness with my high school students and with everyone I interact with. Additionally, prior to discovering Holistic Wellness, I was about to seek out a doctor and treatment for various hormonal issues; however, one of the first changes I noticed from my participation is that my hormone issues disappeared. This was a pleasant surprise!

My husband has participated in the Wellness program for the past few months and he actually looks ten years younger! Previously, he faced some heart challenges, which really aged him, and now he has his youth and energy back. In addition, he is currently facing some challenging times at work. In the past, he would be cranky and angry, but now he is so positive, optimistic and his attitude is so much better. Thank you Dan and the Holistic Wellness team!”


Donna K. – “I am feeling better than ever. My whole being feels like it is in sync.”

“I have been seeing Dan Court for over 2 years now. I searched and searched for someone who could not only address my physical health, but my mental and spiritual health also. I FOUND DAN! Over the last few years we have worked together to bring my toxin levels down, have done some emotional cleansing, and share nutritional and spiritual literature and information. I am feeling better than ever. My whole being feels like it is in sync. I recently did the 21-Day Detox Cleanse. I had been following a healthy diet (organic, no red meat) but this cleanse just took it to a new level. About a week into it I felt this amazing clarity; my thinking was clearer more focused; my energy level was kicked up a notch. I am so glad I did it. I can’t say enough about Dan and his staff. They are all involved in helping me live a healthier life.”


GR – “I am happy to report great results.”

 “I have just completed the 21-Day Detox Cleanse and am happy to report great results. The general diet went without a hitch. I varied it in a sense that when it was time to bring some foods back, I “doubled down” as they say and got stingy. This is day 44 and I am still on the diet. I basically gave up Meats, Sweets, Dairy and Wheat. I brought back some fish and that’s about it. I got my protein through the shakes and some grains like Quinoa. I feel great. I had a physical last Friday, on day 41.


Just got my results and here they are:

  • Weight – 190 pounds down to 175.5 (lowest in 20 years)

  • Glucose (Sugar) – from 133 down to 110 (dramatic) (A1c – 6.1)

  • Cholesterol – 157 (lowest in 20 years)

    • LDL – 86 (from 110)

    • HDL – 52 (from 38)

    • Triglyceride – 95 (from 150)

  • Blood Pressure – from 135/85 to 124/70 (lowest in 30 years)

Overall great results. My doctor is amazed and couldn’t be happier. I could not be happier as well and I thank you all, Janet, Nicole and Dan for guiding me through this very professionally and with much care.”

Tara M. – “The first time in 10 years I did not get sick during the month of December.”

 “I have seen a lot of my family members become ill and go the traditional route of medicine - which often times led to them getting worse, not better. So I started reading about preventative health, as I personally wanted to treat myself before I got sick. This became increasingly important to me the more that I read and researched. A shift in focus became I wanted to incorporate into my life organic eating, nutritional supplements (to help remove the toxins we are exposed to), and a mind/body awareness. Basically, optimal health. I personally was battling severe TMJ and had spent thousands of dollars on traditional dental doctors to fix this issue, to no avail. All treatments were like putting a Band-Aid on the issue, not fixing the cause. In addition to TMJ, I had low energy and increased mood swings. This led me to come to Holistic Wellness for help. Every year I suffer from horrible sinus infections…I would take the traditional route and follow a course of antibiotics. But the past three years I noticed that the antibiotics were not working, and I felt that I was sick for much longer than in the past. Basically I felt that I was getting sicker and sicker and not getting better. 

So when I started to reboot my life and start more preventative health measures (as well as alternative ones) - that is when I started to see what was working with almost immediate results. Almost immediately I noticed a major improvement in energy levels. Overall, I just feel better. My TMJ issues and mood swings have disappeared, and I feel like I am handling stress better. I work a demanding job and every December (my busiest time of the year) I get sick with every cold you can imagine. In November, I went to Holistic Wellness to help make my immune system strong so I could get through the holidays without getting sick. Dan Court tested me and added some beneficial immune-boosting supplements to my regimen and for the first time in 10 years I did not get sick during the month of December! Overall this has impacted my life tremendously. I feel better and I know that the practices that Holistic Wellness has suggested for me are going to help my body fight off health issues that we all face: cancer, heart disease etc … By making small manageable changes I am now at a better place both physically and mentally.”


Sandy S. – “I am blown away by the amazingly quick results from my energy session.”

“What a moment of clarity, when the day after my first session I experienced the disappearance of the bloating I had been dealing with for weeks, and no complications from asthma. I am blown away by the amazingly quick results from energy session. Thanks to Dan and my daughter Shari, I am a believer!”


Dr. Donald L. Piccoli, D.C. – “I believe this technology is truly on the cutting edge of natural healthcare in the world today.”

“I began seeing Dan Court and my health began to change immediately for the better.  He pinpointed the real cause of all my health problems and within a month or so I no longer needed all the supplements I was taking.  Most importantly, I had hope!  Overall, I am feeling stronger, I have more energy, I’m sleeping better and even the allergies I have been plagued with for 25 years have cleared up.  Also, my weight has normalized.  As my health improved, so did my blood tests.  I have been able to discontinue some medications and along with my cardiologist have been reducing the dosage of other medications.   Before seeing Dan, I was going to an advanced clinical nutritionist already for over a year and a half.  I had suffered a heart attack in 2008, was improving greatly for a while, and then my health began to rollercoaster.  I was feeling good one day and bad the next, until I became very ill with acute pancreatitis and ended up in the hospital for a few days.  The doctors and I could not figure out why any of this was happening.  In other words, no one could get to the root cause of my health issues.  At the time, I was doing everything I knew to be right regarding my health by eating properly, exercising and taking a lot of whole food supplements.  I should note that I am a chiropractor practicing advanced clinical nutrition myself and I personally know many talented clinicians.  I drive 1 ½-2 hours each way from West Hartford, CT to see Dan, passing dozens of other nutritionists on the way.  I believe this technology is truly on the cutting edge of natural healthcare in the world today.”


Jean V. – “I no longer need to take the medications that I had been taking for years.”

“I am a registered nurse who has worked in an Intensive Care Unit for many years.  I have suffered from chronic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, bouts on and off of rectal bleeding, thyroid abnormality, severe fatigue and the list goes on.  Having exhausted Western medical remedies and facing the use of chemo-therapeutic agents, I knew I needed to try something else.  A close friend of mine suggested that I go to the Nutritional Healing Center (now Holistic Wellness).  I am now on my way to a happier, healthier life thanks to Dan Court.  My symptoms are gone or greatly improved, my toxins are being eliminated and I am eating healthier.  I no longer need to take the medications that I had been taking for years.  For anyone who is reluctant or skeptical, I suggest you take a chance.  I did and am so glad.”         


Maria T. (mother of a son with Autism Spectrum Disorder) – “Finally someone started listening.”

“My son Jaden was diagnosed with Autism on September 17, 2011. I will never forget that day. I will never forget the way I felt inside my heart. Jaden was all over the place, his diet was reduced to Cheerios, cheese and bananas. He was constipated, waking up in the middle of the night, it goes on and on. No one could help me; I felt no one was listening. Then I found ‘Wellness’- it sounded like it was exactly what we needed. Finally, someone started listening. I placed my son on a treatment schedule right away. My son was growing but getting weaker. He did a “360” turnaround in the first 2 weeks. I changed his diet, introduced digestive enzymes; Holistic Wellness helped me extract whatever was not good for my son. His teachers, my family and everyone noticed the difference in my son. Jaden is thriving and ready to attend school in September. It is a true miracle and we witnessed my son transform. Thank you for giving me my Jaden back.

Love always, a Grateful Mom”          


Ed B. - “End of the 15+ year chronic cough.”

“Every year from November to March, I coughed.  I coughed so much I no longer knew I was coughing.  The cough always generated chest infections resulting in 3+ rounds of antibiotics yearly.  I have been to allergists, pulmonologists and had deviated septum surgery for this chronic cough, and nothing worked.  In 2010 my cough ended in March and began again in late May lasting through September.  I knew I needed to address my cough once and for all.  I spoke to Dan Court at a friend’s house who told me about the amazing process he went through and I decided it was my time as well.  I started seeing Dan in late September, and as they say, it is now all in the past.  I have had my first winter season (2010-2011) cough-free and it is amazing!”      


Maryellen S. – “I left the office yesterday feeling positive again.”

“Please tell Dan that I woke up this morning feeling much, much better.  Less pain in my fingers and foot. I was able to open a zip lock bag with my fingers, instead of using a scissor. I left the office yesterday feeling positive again, which I haven't been for the last month. So thank you, thank you, thank you!“

 Iris L. – “I feel so much better!”

 “My main issue was with my skin.  Over the past few years, my skin became dry and itchy.  I had also been suffering from psoriasis for the past 20 years.  I tried many things and nothing seemed to help.  My psoriasis is now practically gone and my skin is clearing up.  I just needed to know how to deal with my problem with the right treatment and that’s exactly what I received with Holistic Wellness.  I feel so much better!”

Allison W. – “My diet feels healthier and people are noticing how much better I look and feel!”           

“When I first came to see Dan, I felt horrible!  I had gained 20+ lbs. over two years and felt bloated, constipated, and could not lose weight.  I had poor sleep habits and was feeling depressed.  In just 5-6 weeks, I feel so much better!  I have lost 10 lbs. and am sleeping through the night.  My digestion has improved and I am feeling happier and less lethargic.  My bloating has lessened and I am hopeful that all of the symptoms continue to improve.  My diet feels healthier and people are noticing how much better I look and feel!”                   


Stacey Z. – “Eye pressure test showed clear improvement of eye conditions.”

“At my first visit to Holistic Wellness, I felt debilitated, severe joint pain symptoms associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis, crippling arthritis in my feet, hands, shoulders, knees and ankles.  I was exhausted, depressed and scared.  I am now getting better and my symptoms are improving.  I have less flares, more overall energy and I am on an upward track instead of continuing to get worse, and am healing bit-by-bit.  *Of note – at a recent eye exam the results of an eye pressure test indicated that my eye pressure, which had been at a high level, had reduced to “normal limits/ measurement” – this was noted with some surprise by the ophthalmologist and showed clear improvement of eye conditions.”


Cherri R. - “As I look back to the day when we were filling out my daughter’s paperwork from when we first started -- all the goals we wanted to accomplish back then - we have accomplished them all.”


Merrill B. – “I would highly recommend a Qigong session with Dan."

“During the Qigong session with Dan Court, I felt movement of energy throughout my body and a shifting that was going on not only in my physical body; but also in my energy/spiritual bodies.   There was heat that generated in the areas that he was working on, and then a coolness for release.  The release was relaxing and calming.  By the end of the session I felt balanced, and an overall sense of well-being.

I would highly recommend a Qi Gong session with Dan.  Not only does he pour his heart and energy into the work he does, but he also truly cares for his patients.  He always wants them to obtain the optimal health possible and is always looking for ways his clients to attain that goal.” 


Joan T. – “My skin hasn't looked this good in 20 years!!!!!!”

“There are times when, for no explanation, you know something is right. I knew in my gut, even before I walked in the door that Holistic Wellness was the place for me to gain a degree of health that I haven't had for many years.

Last year I read an article in "Natural Awakenings" magazine about the practitioners and their work at Holistic Wellness (previously Nutritional Healing Center) in Yorktown Heights. In the article they spoke of the toxins and dangerous electromagnetic fields in our world and the fact that our bodies are more toxic and dis-eased than ever before.  The article mentioned that mothers are passing on these toxins to their unborn babies and that ideally women should do what they can to rid their bodies of any toxins before they get pregnant. This struck a chord in me as my husband and I had been trying to conceive a child for several years.

In addition to my goal of having another child, I walked into the Holistic Wellness office with the following list of complaints: negative mood, lack of energy, muscle pain, poor sleep, psoriasis, and a rare skin condition called Darier's Disease that I have had since adolescence. Since I was 14 I have been self-conscious about my skin condition which has steadily increased in area. It is (was) not only ugly but often times very uncomfortable. Through the years I've been to many dermatologists but none knew the cause other than to say it is genetic. They said they could treat the symptoms but that it would never go away and would continue to spread. They gave me conflicting advice and numerous topical creams that had little or no effect. I also had psoriasis on my scalp which became quite troublesome as I was beginning to lose hair as result.

When I walked into the office I knew my first instincts were correct.  My work with Dan Court has been nothing short of amazing. He has a strong yet gentle energy about him which he uses quite successfully in his work. He provides a safe environment in which he implements noninvasive techniques to assess where my body is in dis-ease and develops a simple treatment plan specifically designed for my needs. The way Dan uses their unique Wellness Healing System is a wonder, as it allows the body to communicate what is not working well and how to improve it. Through the use of oils and whole food supplements as well as my commitment to a healthy diet, we have been able to rid my body of heavy metals/toxins such as Mercury, Lead, Chlorine and Formaldehyde. This detoxification has allowed my body to begin healing from the damage caused by these toxins. What a difference!!!!!!

It used to take me a long time to fall asleep and I would wake frequently during the night. Now I am asleep quickly and sleep soundly through the night. My energy level has increased and most of my aches and pains are gone. The knot in my shoulder which was there for years disappeared almost immediately. I had painful Plantar Fasciitis which has not acted up in at least 6 months. My mood has taken a 180 degree turn. Rather than being irritable and "down" most days I am calm and joyful. The psoriasis is all but gone and the thin patches of hair are growing back. Not long ago I thought the Darier's Disease was something I just had to live with for the rest of my life. Not anymore!  My skin hasn't looked this good in 20 years!!!!!! The Darier's Disease has improved by at least 80% and I have full faith that I will be rid of it completely. Most importantly, when my husband and I begin "trying" again I am confident that I have created the healthiest environment in which to conceive and grow a beautiful, strong baby. The words "thank you" are not nearly strong enough to show my appreciation to Dan and the Holistic Wellness team but thank you just the same.”


Daniel D. (age 12) – “Now my allergies are gone.”

“My name is Daniel and I am 12 years old. I have been going to Holistic Wellness for a few months now and I feel a lot better. I started coming in the summer because I had allergies and I was sneezing when I went outside. Now my allergies are gone. The allergies actually stopped a long time ago, but I keep coming because I need to get rid of the toxins that caused the allergies. My mom and dad also go to Holistic Wellness and they say they feel a lot better than before they started. Thank you for your help.” 


Willa H. – “The doctor said, ‘whatever you’re doing, keep it up’“!

“My daughter took me for my yearly medical exam.  My new doctor, Lisa, on the Rockland Pulmonary Team, my daughter and I were all dumbfounded at my numbers.  The doctor said, ‘whatever you’re doing, keep it up!’  The insurance company is going to save a lot of money on test strip reimbursement to control my pre-Type 2 Diabetes, and I don’t have to prick my finger every day.  Just think of how much money could be saved and how many associated illnesses could be prevented.  It’s mind-boggling.  The nurse at Quest Lab said to me, ‘you don’t seem like 84 years old!’  I said ‘I’m not!’ And I’m getting younger every day.  Thanks a bunch!”          


Jeanne S. – “It is amazing!”

“Thank you for fitting Scott into the schedule, and please thank Dan from the bottom of my heart.  After going for a strep test and then a CAT scan because they thought he had appendicitis, after seeing Dan, he passed a kidney stone!  Oh, and the doctors were all wrong and Dan was right!  It is amazing!  Sometimes it is baffling, but tell Dan thanks so very much!”


And another accolade from Jeanne S.: “I remained healthy because of Holistic Wellness.”

“Recently our family was together for a family function. The majority of those who were there came down with the flu, a miserable cough or a stomach virus. My mother, in particular, was sicker than I have ever seen her. I cared for her through her illness. After being around all of these germs over the course of several weeks, I remained healthy because of Holistic Wellness.”


Eileen F. – “Within a 24-hour period I felt the difference.”

“Last week I called Holistic Wellness with symptoms ranging from “flu like” symptoms, body aches, sore throat as well as back pain.  I was offered the option of being remotely tested by Dan (which meant that I did not even have to go into the office).  The testing revealed that we had to slightly modify my program and within a 24-hour period I felt the difference.  Thank you all so much! “


Jane S. (Texas) – “The trapped emotion work has been good.”

“I’ve had some recent success in my field as an artist, after plugging away for many years!  I will send an fyi announcement for an exhibit which is currently up. And have just felt more positive in general! Thank you!"


Joanne M. - “Of all the kids in his classroom he was the only one that hasn’t gotten sick yet!”

“His brother and sister got sick over the weekend and he didn’t!”


Robin O. – “It has been transformational!”

“I am bringing my daughter in soon. She is a swimmer and in the pool on a weekly basis and worried about all the chlorine she ingests. I feel so great, I just want my daughter to be healthy and feel great too. My husband is slowly coming around as well. He sees how great I am feeling. Close friends of ours also come to Wellness, and my husband also sees how wonderful the whole family is doing. It has been transformational! My close friend, she went to war, and Dan Court was the only one that was able to help her. So I thought, if he can do that for her, I should definitely try this.”


Corrie-Beth L. - “My heel is more than 50% better this morning and keeps improving. Thank YOU so much for your incredible work!”


Patricia M.(Texas) – “Thanks to all of you at Holistic Body Cures for keeping Madison so healthy...knock on wood, she never gets sick and I swear to everyone it's because of you guys!!”


Maryellen S. – “You have saved my family!”

“I know the emotions have cleared because I also have regained my energy. Before and during the first Emotion Code session, I was crawling into bed very early and I couldn’t get up on time for the kids. I now wake up feeling so much better! The energy that was being spent on the negative emotions was really draining me. I really feel good after the emotional clearing sessions – they definitely work! Thank you so, so much for all your help. Not just with the emotions but all year – you have saved my family!”


 “Just wanted to let you guys know that I feel amazing today and all day yesterday after Dan released some of the trapped emotions! It’s truly amazing. I have a permanent smile on my face and I just feel at ease. I can’t wait to release the rest. Thanks again!”


Sarah V. - “I’ve just read the book and I can’t wait to start The Emotion Code testing! Please schedule a Distance  Session for me as soon as possible!”         


Janet M. - “The dramatic reduction in pain…"

and the symptomatic relief from the emotional clearing is amazing!  I can’t wait for my next session with Dan to further uncover the “layers” which I just know have been holding me back for so long!”         

Katherine H. –“ I can’t begin to express how happy and thankful I am."

"Emotional Clearing really benefited my daughter. There were some issues with bullying when she was very young, so she’s always been somewhat reserved and hesitant to try new things if it involved meeting new people. I’d noticed a growing confidence in her after we started the distance healing sessions, but this summer one of her Heart Wall emotions was released. After that she became dramatically more outgoing, unafraid to try new things and meet new people. Now that she’s gone back to school and dance classes, so many people (both classmates and parents) have commented on how she’s changed. I can’t begin to express how happy and thankful I am."


MS (mother of a son with Autism Spectrum Disorder) – “That was significant for me.”

 “I wasn't expecting any feedback from my son after his Emotion Code session with you because that's just the way he is.  First he fell asleep in the car on the way home and was so warm and peaceful after he left your office.  Later that week he greeted my husband with a big hug when he got home from work.  Not his usual behavior. He has also been having more involved conversations with me when he gets home from school.

But what I thought was the best was what his psychologist noticed last week during his session with her.  For the first time in 18 months, she said he was relating much more in his conversation with her- making appropriate eye contact and responding appropriately to her questions. She didn't know anything about his session with you, so I attribute that to The Emotion Code. That was significant for me.”


Joanne L. – “Joy keeps popping into my head. Can't wait for my next session.”

“Just wanted to give you a quick update on how I am doing since my Emotion Code Session yesterday.  I have had a smile on my face and have felt giggly and care free straight through this moment.  Joy keeps popping into my head. I will keep you posted.  I hope to still be giggly and care free when I see you again.  …”

“…Day 3 and I am still going strong.  Had an awesome weekend and just a new mindset - more confident! Can't wait for my next session.”


Tricia M. - “I’m loving the Energy Sessions! I feel so much lighter!!”

Paul M. – “It’s truly amazing.”

Robin O. – “I immediately felt better when I walked out of the office!”

“I just wanted to let you know how well I have been feeling since my last visit with Dan last week! I had been suffering with terrible cramps from my period (which had been going on since I was 13 years old) and the magic that was done and the supplements that were given, I immediately felt better when I walked out of the office. In addition, I had been taking STRONG pain medication to ease the pain (slightly) each month for a very long time. After my appointment, I did not take or need any more pain meds for the entire duration of my period!!  Thank you to all of you!!  You are all truly AMAZING!”


Maryellen S. – “…achieving a greater level of healing.”

“My family and I have been part of Holistic Wellness for almost six years. As our health has improved over the years, I have become more open to incorporating new therapies into our daily regimen. Last week Nicole introduced me to Sound Therapy and I have to say it was just fascinating. 

I didn't know anything about tuning forks or sound therapy, so I had no idea what to expect. As I settled into the session, I started to feel as if a thread of electricity was wrapping around my torso and upper arms, like a band. Later the direction of this thread of energy or electricity changed and moved up and down the center of my body, stopping at the knees. My eyes were closed the entire time, so I had no idea where the tuning forks were, but as the session continued I could feel activity in my abdominal area and intestines. Over the course of the next couple days, during my processing time, I was extremely thirsty and had some muscle aches, especially in my upper back. On the third day, my skin was glowing and I felt very energized and calm. The muscle aches subsided, but I find myself drinking much more water since the session. I think this is a good thing, since I generally don't drink enough water each day.

I can't find the proper words to describe it, but something definitely happened inside my body, a release of some sort. I am looking forward to continuing the Sound Therapy Sessions as part of my wellness plan. I think my children would also benefit from Sound Therapy and I am planning on bringing them in when the time is right.

Thank you, Nicole for introducing me to this wonderful new tool for health and achieving a greater level of healing.”


Merrill B. – “Immediately after the session I felt centered and more focused.”

During the tuning fork session with Diana, I was intrigued with the warming sensation in my solar plexus (center of my stomach).  I experienced waves of energy releasing from the energy centers that she was “tuning”.  I felt “buzzing” in my crown chakra and a gentle pulling of energy from my throat.   Energy was moving up and down my left side when Diana was tuning that section of the body.  Immediately after the session I felt centered and more focused. 

Diana is very powerful in her gentle nature, compassion, openness, and use of her intuition prior, during, and after the session.  I would definitely experience another tuning session and recommend it if you are looking for some release and balance in your life.”


BS – “I just wanted to let you that that you nailed my program on Monday”

I just wanted to let you that that you nailed my program on Monday, and that’s without the two supplements that are on the way!  For the first time in several weeks, I’m not running into the bathroom every half hour. Nor am I feeling so hungry constantly - which is huge.  Apparently my body is happier because I lost 2 pounds in water weight. You did say I would lose weight!  Thanks for getting me in shape for the NYC opening tomorrow night.  I wasn’t sure I would be able to make it!